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Jim Morgan James Morgan Janhett Windglows: Jim Morgan - Jan Windglows James Morgan AKA Dragon...

Jim Morgan James Morgan Janhett Windglows: Jim Morgan - Jan Windglows James Morgan AKA Dragon...: "Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows Owner Of Blood Love A..."

Jan Windglows, Janhett T. Windglows WINS LAWSUIT and Judgement on CRIMINAL STALKER MARY PRANTIL!!!!

Master Wizard James R. Morgan ll
High Enchantress Janhett T. Windglows
Owner Of Blood Love And Lust Spells

Mary Prantil has stated over the last four years that she absolutely “loves the state of New York and Mayor Michael Bloomberg” and or, “NYC is the greatest city on earth” yet, why do we show records of Ms. Prantil suing the city of New York for alleged offenses against her?, as the records below show below.

Prantil, has also refereed, and repeatedly urged the readers on the site of Rip Off Report and other similar whistle blower sites in contacting two specific police officers of NYC police department known as (Eric Rodriguez and Jose Rodriguez) in getting their money back from us, or to file a police report with these officers against us for whatever reason and further, to call them directly. More foolery and FRAUD on prantil's part.

As it turns out, this is even more of prantil's lunatic crap against innocent others on the Internet and toward the police department. WHY?, because she's asking the public to file reports against Jan and myself with what appears to be defendants against more of her ungrounded charges of negligence against the New York City police department there in Queens and Manhattan New York, Huh?

You see, these were the same police officers that were dispatched by the New York courts system to collect Mary Prantil on a bench warrant for breaking a previous restraining order filed on her for stalking by who other?, Hani Salama, the Ex-Boyfriend.

In retaliation, Mary Prantil filed this frivolous lawsuit against her favorite city of New York, The Big Apple lol. It's interesting as the New York Manhattan court had ask Prantil to come in and address the charges against her concerning the Salama restraining order to which she not only, didn't show up for, but eluded the police for a couple of weeks by hiding out in her filthy new york apartment.

The police went to her apartment and waited for her to take out the trash and thus, when she showed up at the curb, the police took her out as garbage lol. Prantil, fell to the ground kicking and screaming, while shouting out that the police were attempting to rape, and beat her up however, this dull criminal forgot that the apartment complex in which she was living had active cameras that recorded the whole event.

Let's not forget the fifty or sixty witnesses that observed the incident as it unfolded while in the end, watched in horror and humor as they hauled this freak off to jail. The case was thrown out against the Officers, as Prantil's clams were slanderous at best, against the state of New York and these fine upstanding NYC Officers.

Of course, we also see Prantil attempting to sue folks but loosing in these reports below and moreover, other Companies suing her for non-payment of her debts to them, along with one of her Attorneys dropping her case for the reason that she is a idiot, and more then likely, fought against his advice repeatedly, or was perpetually combative in his defense of her. We can find five other instances of prantil losing her Counsel as a result of her bad personal conduct as her criminal records reflect.

We also see that Prantil utilizes the public defenders office provided by the court in taking on her charges against other private people and the state. Wow, does this mean that Mary Prantil is using tax payers dollars to play the legal system? I think it does, as the records reflect below.
Why does Mary Prantil still have several criminal and civil cases going currently? that should have been resolved four years ago through the New York legal process? that usually handles these types of cases in a couple of months at the longest? especially, when the evidence is so overwhelming against a person such as Prantil in these instances.

Hani Salama, Prantil's EX- Boyfriend, is one such person that has criminal charges filed against Prantil along with four other New Yorkers. Yet, Prantil stalked and showed up at Hani Salama's door one night, attacked this man, he shoved her in defense of himself, and she had him arrested for simple battery, simply because the state couldn't enforce the restraining order he had against her for stalking him.

Prantil, went on to post his picture on one of her slamming sites geared to harm our reputations, and titled it “Hani Salama Defends Mary Prantil Against Scam Jan Windglows”, while attempting to deceive the public in believing that Hani Salama was actually writing all these negative statements against us when in all actuality, it is mary prantil posting this trash against us all along under his name, while using his picture without permission.

Is that Identity Theft? I think so, the very charge Prantil charges others with on a continual bases over the Internet, the same crime Dana Thornton has bee charged with currently being impersonation and identity theft.

Prantil went on to create and post five gay websites on another man there in New York City, who had filed criminal charges against her out of retaliation. Of course she also proceeded in passing out his private information on the porn sites along with a request for people to call him for free gay sex, even though the man isn't gay.

Prantil, called this mans land lord and threatened to slam him on the Internet should he not kick out the man that had charges against her, called the D.E.A and A.T.F on the man that had charges against her, in a effort to harass and have him unfairly arrested or incarcerated. Of course these law enforcement agencies found no wrong doing in the mans activities.

This wasn't enough for Prantil, as she went on to post repeatedly, and highly negative reports of Rip Off Reports against a renown New York Psychologist, who has also filed criminal charges on Mary Prantil in the New York Courts, to which is still pending.

Prantil, has had a lawsuit filed and won against her by Jan Windglows and myself James Morgan, to which she didn't show up to in her own defense yet, she's went on to harass and stalk others like Ray Meseroll of Bmore Radio. Why?, because he did a show or two exposing her as a scam, to which she was given the opportunity to show up to, but didn't at anytime.

She's posted trash against Mike Cahill who performed spell services for her, to which she charged back on six times and further, trash against Michael Jenkins whom just spoke to her over the phone a few times and refused to do any spell work for her. We have hard copy records of these conversations and other records to prove these statements in which Prantil incriminates herself every other sentence.

This scam artist Prantil, has numerous false identities on the Internet in which she launches her slamming and scamming trash from against others to which we can prove yet, she accuses other of this on a daily bases. Prantil seems to have a habit of accusing others of the same offenses she's guilty in carrying out, Huh?

Ok, without rehashing the information that has since been made public knowledge in the past along with the new information posted on this criminal, let me move on as follows below. So, what we have here is a two bit scammer that was ran out of the state of California whom has been in trouble with the courts for at least twenty years of her miserable life, in short.

Whom further, comes from a corrupt family of Attorneys whom has went on in making her living in scamming on-line businesses by charging back on them, Liable them on the Web for not giving into her demands, or launching frivolous lawsuits to obtain settlements etc.

We can show that her father Frank G. Prantil was sent to a California prison for a couple of years for stealing a great deal of money from a client awaiting trial for murder whom he was representing, and then lying about it to a grand jury that also resulted in disbarment.

We can show, that her uncle Richard G. Prantil filed false court documents in scamming the courts and a once client out of ten-thousand dollars four years latter and after the fact of him handling their case, in which he was forced to pay back. Both guys were disbarred for a certain amount of time, Richard acquired his license back for some reason and Frank was just ran out of town there in San Diego California.

Now, we see Mary Prantil using public defenders and or, the Court Appointed Attorneys office concerning her nine criminal charges being aggravated harassment, criminal contempt, felony E stalking, resisting arrest, communicating alarm, disobey a court, jumping parole from Rikers Island prison, just to mention a few, while playing the state of New York for over four years and wasting a lot of tax payer dollars, where does it STOP?

Ok, this really gripes my ass in that this prantil, or menace to society, is actually using the state to defend herself from the states own charges against her. Please see all the continuances and other legal motions filed by Prantil's public defender in the records below, it will make you sick and possibly, a little embarrassed if your the state prosecuting her. It will make you very angry or even outraged you if your a New York Tax Payer.

This ought to give you a pretty good idea of all the wasted New York tax dollars inured by Prantil's frivolous legal play in the New York courts. Basically, this criminal is running up the bill for the New York Tax Payers as the state charges and or, raises taxes as a resort of idiots like Prantil making a mockery out of the legal system. Huge deficit for a state whom has been on the verge of bankruptcy over the last four years.

Whom moreover, allows this creepy criminal to spend most of her time harassing and posting trash on numerous innocent businesses on Internet while she hides behind 60 or so anonymous names. That is, when she's between her court hearings for committing some of the same crimes there in NYC, how PATHETIC is that.

What I'd like to know Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo, is why do you permit this piece of New York Trash to harass innocent people for over years plus, when it's evident that this criminal Mary Prantil of Astoria Queens New York should have been put under a jail some place?.

Did you know that we've had people call into us stating that Prantil was doing this sort of thing 28 ? Yes, doing these same things to other on-line and land based business owners. You know, We the people of the United States that are tired of scum balls like Mary Prantil using the legal system while harassing others through this same system in, and out of the courts.

Yep, were tired of a entire such as New York in allowing criminals like Prantil to file one frivolous lawsuit after another, and others having to file legitimate lawsuits against her simply because, the state of New York can't seem to get this idiot out of society, Why is this?

A State whom further seems to be more interested in the rights of a criminal personality such as Prantil, over the rights of those that follow the laws of the State and federal government. A Sate that allows a person like this to attack the very D.A that is prosecuting her case, and does nothing.

When this same criminal has managed to remove the primary D.A that was prosecuting her case, just because she called him and incriminated herself in one of numerous harassing calls to him. I want to know why New York can't clean up its own trash pertaining to Mary Prantil, and why must the rest of Society and or, the Tax Payers endure this kind of crap coming from a low life criminal especially, when your paid to keep this element of society under control.

In closing, Mary Prantil has total and flagrant disregard for the law, and the rules of society on the whole, She's a slap in the face to justice, and a parasite that feeds off of the hard work and peace of all honest and peace loving people everywhere just trying to make a living in this sick economy.

Mary Prantil is the very thing that erodes society at its very foundation and can be considered, the very sickness that society allows to continue simply because, it doesn't want to violate her civil rights even though, criminals like prantil don't deserve any civil rights. Why should criminals like prantil have any kind of rights when she doesn't observe the rights of others over a prolong period of years. She's a CRIMINAL guys and you are elected officials, so put her in jail and Keep her There!!!!


Innocent Internet Business Speaks Out, Reveals TRUTH with factual links provided concerning a criminal who tried to destroy our good names, and ruin an innocent business, but failed. 

 We have had our Civil Rights violated numerous times by a real life Cyber and land criminal over the last four years by the name of Mary Prantil, but refuse to allow her to continue her criminal rampage against us and innocent others without continuing to defend ourselves against her.  



James Morgan Sets The Record Straight, Correct The Record, WARNING, Most Hated Internet Fraud, Con Artist, Fake And Scam Artist Mary T. Prantil, Google Business Alert, Scam Artist Alert, Scamming Alert For All On-Line & Off Line Business, 

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Under Numerous Fictitious Names & Web Blog Page. Mary T. Prantil Will Slam And Defame Your On-Line Business If You Don't Let Her Scam You And The Play The Victim. Mary T Prantil Acquires Free Services Through Blackmail, Hacking, Stalking, Call Spoofing, Hacking, Threats, Pay Pal, Paypal Charge Backs, Bad Checks And Harassment Of Businesses. Mary T. Prantil threatens Law Suits Against Those Who Defend Themselves On-Line & In The Courts.
See Mary T. Prantil's Criminal Past On Record Below. Mary T. Prantil Under Charges Of Aggravated Harassment In N.Y. Mary T. Prantil Is A EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE 46 Year Old Loser Who Doesn't Work And Does Nothing Else But Live Off Her Own Mother And Scam Business For Free Services. Scam, Scammer, Scam Artist, Thief, Criminal And Con Artist Mary T. Prantil,
BLAST SCAM SITES, FORUM WEB SITES And Search Engines With Slanderous Speech And Threats Of Law Suits To Which She Never Follows Through With. Most Hated Scam Artist On The Net Named Mary T. Prantil, Scam Artist Espouses Herself By Making Accusations Against Others That This Scammer Prantil Is Actually Guilty Of As Public Records Indicate. 

DON'T FALL VICTIM TO MARY T. PRANTIL IF YOUR A ON-LINE BUSINESS, Don't Offer Your Service To Mary T. Prantil, Don't Give Prantil Your Private Cell Numbers, Home Number Or Email Because She Will HARASS YOU Like She's Done To Other & Ourselves Over The Last Four Years.
DO NOT LET MARY T. PRANTIL INTO YOUR COMPANY Or Circle Of Friends OR YOU WILL BE SORRY. Bashes & Slanders Forum Sites, Search Engines, AOL Scam Alert, Google Scam Alert, Set The Record Straight Alert, Correct The Record Scam Alert, WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO VIEW Mary T. Prantil's Blog Page And See Scam Artist In Action. Employers Beware. Rip Off Report Rebuttal Text Switcher.

Firstly, let me say that my heart goes out to any private individual, company or web site that has had to undergo what we've been made to endure over the last four years as a result of the unlawful activities coming from someone like this Mary T. Prantil person.
Yes, there are some unethical business, or web-sites out there; however for the most part all the businesses that you find on the Internet these days are pretty much legit and honest businesses such as Miss Windglows site, that go on to offer the public exultant products and services.
Aside from this, and on the other hand, I would venture to say that there are a few scam artists like Prantil out there as well that further feed on the public's ignorance and fear by putting out mis-information about a person or company. That further feed off of innocent businesses just trying to scrape out a living for themselves by conning or blackmailing them out of services such as Prantil has done in the recent past.
Over the last eleven years I've seen a good many innocent businesses that have been slandered and verbally attacked over and over again just because someone needed to vent their anger on something or someone and not necessarily because they were ripped off, and this just isn't right. 

I've also seen where these innocent companies come back and sweet talk the folks that bad mouth them on air simply because they go off of the out dated principle that "the customer is always right". I don't agree with this either, as it only encourages, enables and rewards more of this negative behaviour coming from these few people in particular who wish to play the system such as in the case of Mary T. Prantil.
The fact of the matter is, that the complaining person isn't always right and neither is the company for that matter, and thus verifiable case evidence must be produced on both sides in resolving the conflict. I further believe that this evidence coming from both sides should be provided through legal channels, or the courts, should the situation or conflict progresses to that point and not on the net. However it doesn't always work out that way especially when your dealing with NUT CASES on the net such as our instance in dealing with Mary T. Prantil. 

Why ? Because this type of personality doesn't care about the truth or standing behind what they say; and thus this is why they hide behind fictitious names or post total nonsense on their blog pages under "The Free Speech Act."
It's all about these scam artists taking advantage of and abusing the Constitutional rights of free speech along with violating the very policies of any site such as the scam forums in this particular instance. 

These scam artists hide behind "The Whistle Blower's Act", along with anything else that serves them such as finding loop holes in the law itself to launch their attacks on the innocent without fearing reprisal . 

This type of illegal activity was never allowed years ago before the Internet came along, however the Internet is here now and so are the new abuses and thus our current laws are pretty ineffective against these new abuses occurring on the net.
In a perfect world you could hold a person like Prantil personally liable for her speech but this isn't a perfect world and these old laws don't always apply especially when you have a person like Prantil who takes advantages and abuses the civil rights of others while hiding behind fictitious names while stating one negative thing right after another for three years or better, and so the company or private person must defend themselves on the Internet in the wake of false accusations being hurled at them from whomever and for whatever reason.
Miss Prantil is in my opinion a Internet Terrorist and a two bit criminal as her criminal records reflect because her main intent is in stealing services from companies through pay pal charge backs, bad checks and other transfers, through continual phone and email harassment of a particular business or private person that she set her sights on. 

If this doesn't get Miss Prantil what she wanted in the way of conning, pressuring or scamming a business etc., then at that point she would of course move on up to the next wave of harassments directed at her victims in the way of causing them stress, anxiety and fear.
Prantil does this by creating such oppressive conditions in a person's life as turning that unfortunate person or company in to the police through her frequent filling out false police reports while accusing her victims of hacking into her computer or bank account, stalking, aggravated harassment, cyber stalking, credit card fraud, pay pal fraud, murder, drinking their own blood, tax evasion and other despicable charges just to name a few things.
Prantil goes on in posting hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of negative and groundless slanderous statements against the innocent along with postings allegedly written by other people but authored by herself when you compare the text and statements made by all concerned, statements that are solely geared and directed at harming or impeding the free trade of a business or in damaging a persons personal reputation.
This "simpleton" Mary Prantil will say and HAS said anything negative against us and other sites that she thought would make a splash both on and off the Internet, or would cause us or others trouble in whatever area of life be it personal or professional. Miss Prantil has used other tricks as well such as turning others into the zoning, health, child services, D.E.A, F.B.I., I.R.S, The Department Of Justice, and other county and state agencies for reasons of harassing and forcing others into yielding her free items or services. Let's not forget Mary Prantil's phone spoofing and hacking into the cell phone accounts of others in a effort to gather information to use against them and or others, or in harassing them.
Basically, Miss Prantil has used and will use anything and everything that she can in order to harass any private individual or company should they not give into her blackmailing demands. Mary T. Prantil has also resorted to extortion, blackmail and hacking the personal computers of many in order to keep them from posting the true skinny on her as scam artist. Con artists like Mary T. Prantil like to stay hidden so others can't see her coming, or so others won't be aware of her scam games until it's to late.
Mary T. Prantil has threatened us with several law suits spanning four years now while treating this same thing as her latest ploy in keeping us from posting on her. You see, this thwarts her chances in scamming another business for free services or lessons her chances of scamming yet another innocent person that was typically minding their own business when she happened to pass them on the street.
In light of the previous statements made, this is why we WILL NOT GIVE IN to this two bit criminal con artist from New York named Mary T. Prantil no matter what she says or does. Why ? Because it just wouldn't be the right thing to do and I was always taught to do the right thing; plus the fact that we have a obligation to warn others concerning what this person has put us through and others for the last four years.
We will go head to head with this scam artist for as long as it takes, or until the courts catch on and lock her away, AGAIN. It is because of people like Mary T. Prantil that the Internet has turned out to be such a bad, or insecure place instead of a fun place that people can use for learning and shopping etc. Prantil, not only abuses the civil rights of others on a personal level but the very sites she uses to harm and slander others through such as the forum sites she's bashing currently on her blog page.
It was ok when Mary Prantil came up on these sites four years ago under the name "HONEST PERSON" while slamming and scamming us for other competitors that had free services to offer her in return. However it's not so fun for her any more because all her little friends have left her to rot. Left her all alone to be repeatedly exposed for the fraud and criminal she is.
Miss Prantil comes off as a very nice, professional but EXTREMELY needy person with all her tears and begging's for assistance however, once she's in with someone, or the victim business, all her unethical games begin. This is a vindictive, shallow person who doesn't seem to have any morals, values or standards to speak of other then those self-serving behaviours that she uses to obtain what she wants in the way free services by scamming private people and businesses alike.
She is a person that will go above and beyond ethical and legal methods in seeking revenge against another if she deems the smallest imagined slight to her, to which could be anything from choosing not to speak with her for whatever reason to refusing her service as a result of her perpetual aggressive misconduct against the service in question or a private individual. 

Like I've stated above, this is a 46 year old female who tries to come off like some type of hip little teenager. In reality she still sponges off her mother back in California because she can't get along with anyone be it in her personal life or professional life.
Who makes up her own rules as she moves along through life by lying and distorting the facts of any situation. Remember, she's a obsessive, compulsive habitual liar who has a tough time in distinguishing fantasy from reality. 

 Prantil further feels it's her obligation and duty to cause others harm and conflict just because she isn't happy in her own life. And then falls back on Jesus because this makes her feel better about herself and who she really is for some reason. Maybe she feels Jesus will forgive her for the sinful acts she commits on a daily basis to others.

You know, Miss Prantil feels that she is the avenger of God to smite all the evil spell casters in the world as can be seen in some of her earlier post on rip off reports and this is where the Pastor Joel Olsteen thing comes from today.
Crazy Mary feels that others owe her a living and that people have no other choice but in giving into her frivolous and constant demands. It's either give in to her demands or face the onslaught of her slander and other unlawful activities. 

In essence, this scam artist is by far the most worthless individual that I've ever had the displeasure in meeting, furthermore Mary T. Prantil is an absolute TOXIC PARASITE feeding off of the backs of hard working people through her various scams and underhanded schemes both on and off the Internet.
She proclaims to be a Catholic and spiritual person however one can find hypocrisy here as well, again hiding behind religion by day and performing wicked deeds by night. Didn't Jesus say something regarding this along with bearing false witness against your neighbour? I believe he did. 

The fact is that Mary T. Prantil is a evil and out of control person who has a ego that can't even begin to fit through the door and all you have to do is in viewing her cheap looking web site to determine this for yourself, and thus it would be both prudent and extremely wise for any person or business owner to either stay away from this person or to even refuse her service unless you want total chaos in your business or personal life, or both.
Concerning any and all statements about us in the past and those that might pop up on the forum sites, or over all Internet in the future, I would state this for a fact : If you see any negative statement against us on the net then please know that it's more then likely coming from this cowardly scam artist Prantil of Astoria New York and no one else.
We encourage you to go view her blog page to prove our point about this particular individual, and then compare it to what you might pull up on the forum sites as were pretty sure you'll determine that this is one and the same person just going around copying and pasting her fictitious nonsense all over the place for purposes of harming personal reputations and the good names of companies.
We would also encourage you to read all our reports concerning Mary T. Prantil and what she has stated as fact about us being James Morgan and Jan Windglows, yet she can't prove anything she says about us on any level at any time whatsoever. 

We haven't moved against Miss Prantil legally such as contacting her host or server yet because we wanted to give you the viewer the perfect opportunity to see for yourself what a lunatic like Prantil is capable of, should you let her into your business or personal life. See this link below for our proof of the account and facts on Mary T. Prantil, her criminal records, etc.:

We wanted you to see what she has done to us and many others until we started to expose her to the public. Check out her picture and contact her if you like while pressuring her for the hard copy proof of her slanderous statements against us. 

Warning : Whatever you do, don't give her your real phone or email address as she will use these contacts to harass you through over time. Also, When going over her site please read all her inconsistencies, contradictions, and out right lies while your laughing your a_S off because it is pretty hilarious from what we've read, I guess she is a comedian after all, not a very good one but at least she tries in her own little pathetic evil and twisted way, lol.
Fortunately, the public has a lot more on the ball then this idiot Prantil gave you guys credit for; as we have received tons of mail and phone calls expressing sorrow for us having to put up with this person over the years, and furthermore how many people that have contacted us found this person to be an absolute JOKE that needed to be locked away under a jail or committed to a rubber room some place. 

We've had some who have ask to see and hear our evidence on this con artist that we've collected over the years including law enforcement, that were absolutely astounded after going through it and just ended up shaking or hanging their heads in disgust. One policeman even said that some people just need to be taken to the woods, tied up and left there, LOL.
When viewing her site of: please notice how this scam artist is trying to worm her way out of the evidence posted below for your convenience. Notice how she can't legally or substantially disprove what were saying about her through these reports below. 

All she can do is to hurl more lies and accusations at us that she can't prove on any level, nothing more and nothing less. It would seem that Miss Mary T. Prantil is a little upset because she's been EXPOSED, and is way too IGNORANT in just shutting up for her own good. 

Hey Prantil, Why don't you just take it on the chin like a man and admit that your a scam that has been caught over and over again by MANY sites and not just us?
Why don't you just confess your deeds to others and Jesus as you've been caught, caught, caught, caught because your just a idiotic scam artist that isn't even smart enough to stop your scamming even though others were catching on, and closing in on you. Prantil, like many common criminals or thieves like her dad, was just to greedy to let go of the prize. 

Prantil is like a Monkey making a fist inside the cookie jar LOL LOL LOL. You've been CAUGHT prantil and we are going to keep exposing you to the world so you can't do this to anyone else.
If your an Employer, then please take notice and save yourself some heartache when considering this person for a position in your company. Perform a background check on her and then check the resume she turns into you, examine it closely. I think you'll find it to be very interesting when checking out what she fervently states to be fact. 

Ask Miss Prantil why she attempted to sue the Doctor that couldn't bring feeling back into her hand after she cut her wrist and was institutionalised as a result in Rikers Island N.Y., or about the CEO she tried to sue for sexual harassment when he fired her for repeated misconduct. What company was that Miss Prantil ?.
Ask her to actually prove to you that she's never been arrested for anything and doesn't have a criminal record. Ask her if she has any charges against her in New York anywhere. 

Call the New York City Police Department and ask them about her eight year record with them. Check the N.Y.C court system docket of what she currently has going on or pending against her presently. I think your going to be getting an ear full just like we did upon calling these offices.  
I think that Miss Mary Prantil is just a attention seeking idiot that resembles a child who wants to be noticed through acting badly, you know the type right ? 

Should you come across these anonymous names on the forum sites, then please know that these are just a few of the names that belong to Mary T. Prantil the scam artist who can't prove a thing she says about anyone.

( here are some of Mary Prantil's names she posts on the Internet under ) 
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Unhappy Client - Xxx (U.S.A
CON Artist-JimMorganNOTaWizardorMagicalPowers - Park City (USA
SadisticPsychicJanWindglowsHURTME2 - Houston (USA)
SCAMJanWindglowsSpellCastingSchemeOperation - Seattle (USA)
Astoria New York
Honestperson - Astoria (U.S.A.)
Honestperson - Pittsburg (U.S.A.)
Cc - Essex (United Kingdom)
Park City, Utah
Enforcer Of Justice
New York, New York
Phoenix, Arizona
Astoria, New York
Honestperson - Pittsburg (U.S.A.)
Enforced Justice - Phoenix (U.S.A.)
UK, Other
We've been asked by some in the past why we haven't dropped some sort of a spell on this crazy idiot to stop her bad mouthing of us. Well, we have to a point and that's why her life is a absolute trash heap currently from what I've been hearing. 

Aside from this, she's going against every holy law that Divinity has set fourth for us to follow, plus the fact that she's breaking just about every type of ethical rule and societal law ever invented regarding all her criminal activities.
Since Prantil is so determined to come up here and bad mouth us on the open air ways, and in light that the forum sites are letting her do this to us over the Internet, further that the search engines are willing to pick up on it all, we really don't mind the extra press, espouser or advertisement that we would normally have to pay out thousands and thousands of dollars to get otherwise. 

So basically, were actually getting paid to advertise our site when people come in to use our spell services off of these forum sites that Mary T. Prantil has posted her garbage and fabricated lies about us on, lol. The people see Prantil's blog page, then they come and view our web sites. 

Now ask yourself, viewer, which one had you rather call and speak to? LOL. The proof is in the pudding as they say, right? Great advertising, all free for us courtesy of Monkey Mary T. Prantil, lol.
Were also given more incentive in exposing this con artist Prantil every time she post against us; moreover a opportunity in protecting others from her scamming activities via our postings against her. So I guess God does in fact work in mysterious ways even through dullards like Prantil that typically don't have a clue as to what's going on.

It's really ironic because Miss Prantil has been trying so hard to harm Miss Windglows business through the last four years by slandering our personal names and sites, however she has in essence pulled all kinds of traffic back to us through her negative efforts.
She's actually putting more dollars in our pockets and making Jan Windglows' business grow. People will become curious about magick sites on the Internet especially when their a bunch of negative statements being made about one in particular, however when the folks end up on our web pages they realize that the sites are legit and moreover that there was no truth or basis to what a scammer like Prantil had to say about anything. Way to go, Prantil.
I guess we should be thanking Prantil, but we won't because she is a vile and toxic person who's carried out a lot of harm to many innocent people. A rattle snake can save a life unbeknownst to him and thus is the case with Prantil lol. 

Hell, she's even got our names and links on her blog page that are further sponsored by Google, that will people click and eventually end up coming in to us for spells. Now that's good advertising, like I said, she a foolish woman. 

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The public may look up Mary Prantil's criminal records, on the NYC Department Of Corrections web site so you the public can see what a real piece of crap Mary Prantil really is.

Go to the following link which is the NYC jail inmate lookup:
After the page has been pulled up, you will see the place where to enter Mary Prantil's Booking and Case Number, which is 3471001054- simply enter that number in the white box, as shown below.

As you will see, the NYC Department Of Corrections has all her criminal information and charges posted. 

As we have said numerous times in the past, we have proof of what we have been warning the public about this criminal Mary Prantil all along, so see for yourself- go to the link, enter her book and case number, the information is current and is all there for anyone because it is PUBLIC RECORD. The facts, simply put.

NYSID or Book & Case Number: ( enter 3471001054 )

You will then find, on the NYC Department of Corrections Inmate Lookup, Mary Prantil's criminal records, including her Felony "E" Stalking charge.
In the state of New York, a Felony "E" Stalking charge means:

S 120.55 Stalking in the second degree.
  A person is guilty of stalking in the second degree when he or she:
  1. Commits the crime of stalking in the third degree as defined in
subdivision three of section 120.50 of this article and in the course of
and in furtherance of the commission of such offense: (i) displays, or
possesses and threatens the use of, a firearm, pistol, revolver, rifle,
shotgun, machine gun, electronic dart gun, electronic stun gun, cane
sword, billy, blackjack, bludgeon, metal knuckles, chuka stick, sand
bag, sandclub, slingshot, slungshot, shirken, "Kung Fu Star", dagger,
dangerous knife, dirk, razor, stiletto, imitation pistol, dangerous
instrument, deadly instrument or deadly weapon; or (ii) displays what
appears to be a pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, machine gun or other
firearm; or
  2. Commits the crime of stalking in the third degree in violation of
subdivision three of section 120.50 of this article against any person,
and has previously been convicted, within the preceding five years, of a
specified predicate crime as defined in subdivision five of section
120.40 of this article, and the victim of such specified predicate crime
is the victim, or an immediate family member of the victim, of the
present offense; or
  3. Commits the crime of stalking in the fourth degree and has
previously been convicted of stalking in the third degree as defined in
subdivision four of section 120.50 of this article against any person;
  4. Being twenty-one years of age or older, repeatedly follows a person
under the age of fourteen or engages in a course of conduct or
repeatedly commits acts over a period of time intentionally placing or
attempting to place such person who is under the age of fourteen in
reasonable fear of physical injury, serious physical injury or death.
  Stalking in the second degree is a class E felony.


This report is concerning Frank George Prantil and his daughter Mary Theresa Prantil.  In past reports authored by Miss Prantil, she has stated that " I'm proud to have been the daughter of Frank G. Prantil" and that she again "comes from a "PRESTIGIOUS"  family based in the San Diego there in the state of California.
I can't speak for the character of the rest of her family as I don't personally know them however, I have no reason to believe them to be anything other then reasonable and law abiding people however, I can relay what I've read from credible sources such as transcripts from the Supreme Court, Colleges of Frank Prantil, Attorney Generals office, State Attorneys office legal sites etc pertaining to Frank G. Prantil.
Miss Prantil has stated that "My father got off lots of criminals" then later went on to say: "My father got off lots of criminals and innocent people to", LOL. Well, I'm sure he did successfully defend some innocent people along the way but from the looks of it, he also was instrumental in successfully defending the trash of society such as Murders, Child Molesters, Check Forgers, Bank Robbers etc. 

Upon researching the records and past legal performance of Mr. Prantil, I was also informed that not only was he successful in defending the scum of humanity on several occasions but went on to be completely corrupted by the same criminals that he had been representing throughout his practice.
It was in my research sited below,  did I run across several charges launched against Frank G. Prantil via the Supreme and Superior court system there in California, such infractions as Perjury, Drug Poisson, Drug Abuse, Unlawfully removing $700,000 from a Clients safe as she sat in jail awaiting a murder trial and so fourth. 

Mr. Prantil also had interfered with the homicide trial by becoming personally involved with his Client of that same murder trial by attempting to cover for the accused so he could recover his fees. 

Prantil lied blatantly on several occasions and attempted to hold up the due process of law by filling one frivolous motion of delay right after another just like Mary in the current charges being lodged against her by the State of New York.
Frank Prantil was known as a greedy individual who would stop at nothing to accomplish his goals be they of a positive or unethical nature, JUST LIKE Mary T. Prantil his daughter, He was considered out spoken, brazened, and ruthless just like his daughter Mary T. Prantil Internet Terrorist Extraordinaire. 

So in essence and according to other legal professionals, Frank Prantil was nothing but a GREEDY UNETHICAL Attorney that happened to like the spotlight just like Mary. 

Another thing I'd like to add here. Did you know that Frank G. Prantil was in and out of rehab centers for his uncontrolled use of illegal narcotics ?, Did you know that he was imprisoned for 14 months for not only botching a homicide trial, but for being an Accomplice to check FORGERY in the commission of that crime.
As you can read in the research below, Mr. Prantil wasn't considered a professional on any level by the courts or his peers. Mr. Prantil was DISBARRED twice for drug, unethical activity, and leaving his Clients holding the bag simply because they ran out of money in the middle of their defense. Does any of this sound familiar ?, 

Does it sound like anything Miss Mary T. Prantil has done in the past ? I would say that Little Mary is the preverbal apple that didn't fall very far from the tree, wouldn't you say ?  Well, Frank Prantil won't be bothering, SCAMMING, or ripping off his Clients any more because he's now deceased. Good Riddance I say.
Now, we have little Mary carrying on his legacy with all of her criminal activities such as you can view below after her fathers information. Please view the facts below coming from the Experts and those that had the misfortune of dealing with him first hand. 

Sounds like a real Gypsy Scum Ball to me. Read the history of this Idiot and be SHOCKED and then read about the exploits of his daughter little miss marry low life prantil, people like this should just be locked away forever and kept from wasting the courts time and resources.

High Court Closes Book on Colorful Legal Career


March 31, 1989ANTHONY PERRY:

The California Supreme Court has quietly ended one of San Diego County's more clamorous legal careers.
The court this month upheld the disbarment of Frank George Prantil, a well-known attorney and aspiring politician before being convicted of perjury and forgery charges and spending 14 months in prison.
"At one time, he was considered one of the county's top defense attorneys," said attorney Eugene Iredale, who once represented Prantil. "Somehow his life just fell apart on him."

Now living outside Sacramento, the 51-year-old Prantil said he was "devastated" by the court's rejection of his plea that he was unfairly convicted. And he repeated his oft-made accusation that he was victimized because of his maverick ways.

"I'm a victim of the war on drugs," Prantil said. "The prosecutors and the courts can't stand it when someone insists that all defendants have rights."
In nearly two decades as a practicing attorney, the San Diego native was never far from the headlines. 

He won several high-publicity felony cases and big-money damage suits. He defended a San Diego councilman indicted in the Yellow Cab scandal.
Reporters loved his flamboyant rhetoric (he favored Shakespeare and the classics) and brash attire (he wore an American flag tie to court). His practice boomed. He moved from East County to a comfortable spread in La Jolla.

But there were also political defeats, angry public disputes, money problems and his final slide into Vacaville state prison. He concedes now that alcohol and marijuana played a role in his difficulties.

He lost races for Congress (1968), district attorney (1970) and El Cajon Municipal Court (1978). The County Bar Assn. branded him as unqualified. The State Bar in 1979 suspended him for six months for misusing a client's money.

He was convicted in 1983 of forgery and perjury in a case involving a bogus $53,000 check and, in 1986, of being an accessory to a cocaine conspiracy. Released from prison in 1987, Prantil says he will never return to San Diego County: "They rode me out on a rail."

He says that Deputy Dist. Atty. Bob Sullivan had a vendetta against him. Sullivan says that's bunk and notes that two juries convicted Prantil on a number of counts.

From his self-imposed exile, Prantil tries not to dwell on how far he has fallen. "I used to believe in ultimate justice," he said. "I don't anymore."
A Winning T-Shirt
T-shirts protesting the judge's decision will go on sale today in 14 San Diego County outlets of Pacific Eyes and T's, the Sorrento Valley-based T-shirt and sunglasses chain.
The new shirts show a Conner-like catamaran with a large screw through it, and a kiwi bird laughing at the sight. Price: $10.
Pacific Eyes and T's has long backed Conner against pirate-banker Michael Fay. During the September races it sold shirts saying "No Way Fay", and "Throw Another Kiwi on the Barbie."
A Well-Done Roast
In Pete Wilson's latter years as mayor of San Diego, it was said he had two goals: to learn to sing and to become governor.
He took lessons and can manfully handle a tune. The second goal eluded him, and he settled for the U. S. Senate. Now, he's trying to rectify that with his third try at the governorship, with his likely Democratic foe being Atty. Gen. John Van de Kamp.
Thursday night the Republican Wilson was among those roasting Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) at a benefit dinner in Oakland.
He joked that he wasn't surprised to find picketers carrying signs urging him to stay in the Senate. What did surprise him, he said, was that one of the signs was carried by Van de Kamp.
843 F.2d 314
Frank George PRANTIL, Petitioner-Appellant,
STATE OF CALIFORNIA, Respondent-Appellee.
No. 86-6669.
United States Court of Appeals,
Ninth Circuit.
Submitted Sept. 23, 1987*.
Memorandum Jan. 4, 1988.
Order and Opinion March 31, 1988.
Frank G. Prantil, Fair Oaks, Cal., pro se.
M. Howard Wayne, Deputy Atty. Gen., San Diego, Cal., for respondent-appellee.
Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.
Before CHOY, FARRIS and HALL, Circuit Judges.
Frank George Prantil, a California state prisoner, appeals the district court's summary dismissal of his petition for a writ of habeas corpus pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Sec. 2254.
Prantil, formerly an attorney in California, was introduced to Daryl Bell by his client Melvin Goins. Prantil agreed to represent Bell on a criminal charge. A few weeks later a woman purporting to be Bell's mother asked Prantil to help her negotiate an escrow check from which Prantil would receive his fee. Prantil accompanied the woman to his bank where he informed the teller that the woman was his client's mother and that he wanted to deposit the check into his trust account. The woman signed the check, which was made payable to Joanna F. McKnight, and Prantil endorsed it to his trust account. Neither Prantil nor the woman indicated that the check might not be genuine.
Subsequently, the owner of an escrow agency discovered that three checks were missing from her office. One of the checks had been made out to Joanna F. McKnight and deposited in Prantil's account. The agent's signature had been forged on the check.
Prantil was charged with forgery in violation of Section 470 of the California Penal Code. At trial, Prantil argued he knew nothing of the forgery, and that he had deposited the check merely for collection purposes to see whether it was genuine.To establish that Prantil knew the escrow check was forged, the prosecution introduced evidence concerning four trust deeds which Prantil had prepared. Prantil had received information suggesting that the four deeds were forged and that Goins and Bell, were responsible for the forgeries.
Prantil was convicted of forgery and sentenced to two years in prison. The California Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction. People v. Prantil, 169 Cal.App.3d 592, 215 Cal.Rptr. 372 (1985). The California Supreme Court denied review and the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari. Prantil v. California, 475 U.S. 1067, 106 S.Ct. 1381, 89 L.Ed.2d 606 (1986).1
Prantil filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in federal district court. The district court summarily denied the petition. This court granted Prantil's application for a certificate of probable cause.2
Prantil contends that numerous trial court errors and a district court delay in deciding his habeas petition denied him due process.
This court reviews de novo a district court's denial of a habeas corpus petition under 28 U.S.C. Sec. 2254. Turner v. Compoy, 827 F.2d 526, 528 (9th Cir.1987). This court presumes the state court's findings of fact to be correct. 28 U.S.C. Sec. 2254(d).
Prantil contends he was denied due process because the evidence presented at trial was insufficient to establish that he passed the forged escrow check "as true and genuine."3
This court determines whether, after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the government, any rational trier of fact could have found the essential elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Jackson v. Virginia, 443 U.S. 307, 319, 99 S.Ct. 2781, 2789, 61 L.Ed.2d 560 (1979).
The evidence established that Prantil received information prior to the transaction which suggested that Goins and Bell were involved in a forgery scheme. He also knew that one of the possible victims of the scheme was Joanna McKnight, who was described to him as an elderly woman between the ages of 78 and 80. Yet, despite this knowledge, when Prantil deposited the escrow check into his trust account he did not inform the teller that the check might be a forgery or that the woman with him, who appeared to be approximately 40 to 45 years of age, might not be the person whose name appeared on the check. He merely endorsed the check and asked that it be deposited into his account.
Prantil's knowledge of the previous forgeries and the contradictory descriptions of McKnight could have led the jury to reasonably conclude that by failing to alert the bank, Prantil was attempting to pass the check "as true and genuine." See People v. Williams, 186 Cal.App.2d 420, 424, 8 Cal.Rptr. 871, 873 (1960) (tender of check purporting to be signed by specific person established "true and genuine" requirement). Thus, the district court did not err in the determining there was sufficient evidence for a rational trier of fact to find that the "true and genuine" requirement was established beyond a reasonable doubt.
Prantil contends that the trial court deprived him of due process by giving two erroneous jury instructions.
This court evaluates jury instructions "in the context of the overall charge to the jury as a component of the entire trial process." Bashor v. Risley, 730 F.2d 1228, 1239 (9th Cir.1984), cert. denied 469 U.S. 838, 105 S.Ct. 137, 83 L.Ed.2d 77 (1984). To warrant habeas relief, the instruction cannot be merely "undesirable, erroneous, or even 'universally condemned,' " but must violate some due process right guaranteed by the fourteenth amendment. Cupp v. Naughten, 414 U.S. 141, 146, 94 S.Ct. 396, 400, 38 L.Ed.2d 368 (1973). Moreover, the petitioner in a habeas proceeding has the burden of demonstrating that an erroneous instruction "so infected the entire trial that the resulting conviction violates due process." Darnell v. Swinney, 823 F.2d 299, 301 (9th Cir.1987), petition for cert. filed, (Oct. 1, 1987).
Prantil challenges the trial court's instruction regarding the elements of forgery. He contends that by omitting the "true and genuine" requirement, the trial court denied him his due process right to have the jury consider each element of the charged offense. See Connecticut v. Johnson, 460 U.S. 73, 87-88, 103 S.Ct. 969, 978, 74 L.Ed.2d 823 (1983) (instruction on presumption of intent reversible error because permitted jury to convict defendant without examining evidence concerning essential element of crime).
The trial court gave the following instructions on the elements of forgery:
17 Now, in order to prove the commission of such crime [forgery], each of the following elements must be proved, each of them. Here we go.
18 Number one, that a person passed or offered to pass a forged instrument. That is the first one.
19 Two that such person knew that the instrument was forged; and three, that such person passed or offered to pass such instrument with the specific intent to defraud another person or persons.
Although the instruction omitted the "true and genuine" requirement, we consider the instruction in conjunction with the other instructions. See Bashor, 730 F.2d at 1239. Prior to giving the challenged instruction the court told the jury:
21 Now, every person with the specific intent to defraud--now, remember that I told you 'specific intent.' That's it. That's specific intent--with the specific intent to defraud another, utters, publishes, passes or attempts to pass or make use--there's a lot of things here--or make use of, as true and genuine, any false, altered, forged or counterfeited instrument or document, knowing the same to be false, altered, forged or counterfeited, is guilty of the crime of forgery. (emphasis added)
Because the overall charge to the jury informed them of the true and genuine requirement, Prantil was not denied his due process right to have the jury consider every element of the crime.
Prantil also contends he was denied due process because the trial court gave an inapplicable and erroneous jury instruction on aiding and abetting. Prantil argues that the accomplice instruction removed an issue of intent from the jury's consideration and thus constituted reversible error under the reasoning of Johnson and Sandstrom v. Montana, 442 U.S. 510, 99 S.Ct. 2450, 61 L.Ed.2d 39 (1979).
However, the prosecutor specifically denied that Prantil could be guilty as an aider and abettor instead of as a principal. An erroneous jury instruction does not merit habeas relief if the deficiencies pertain to matters that are not in dispute and the error did not so affect the entire trial as to deprive the defendant of due process.See Darnell, 823 F.2d at 302-03. The trial court gave proper instructions regarding the intent necessary to convict Prantil as a principal to the forgery. Because the prosecution did not present an accomplice theory, any deficiencies went to a matter that was not in dispute. The error did not mislead the jury on a disputed issue and thus did not so infect the trial as to deprive Prantil of due process. Id.
Prantil contends that the trial court denied him due process by refusing to grant judicial use immunity to a potentially exonerating witness.
On his motion for a new trial, Prantil claimed that Goins could testify that Goins and Bell had set up Prantil, that Prantil was unaware that the check was stolen, and that Bell had lied to Prantil when he said there were criminal charges pending against him. Goins had been unavailable to testify at the trial because he was in prison on an unrelated charge. At the new trial hearing Goins invoked the privilege against self-incrimination and refused to testify at the trial unless he received judicial use immunity because he was in prison on an unrelated charge. The court denied Prantil's motion to grant immunity to Goins.
Under California law, a court may only grant immunity on the prosecutor's request. Cal. Penal Code Sec. 1324. See In re Weber, 11 Cal.3d 703, 720, 523 P.2d 229, 240, 114 Cal.Rptr. 429, 440 (1974). However, the prosecution's failure to request immunity violated Prantil's due process rights if it deprived him of his right to a fair trial. See United States v. Garner, 663 F.2d 834, 839 (9th Cir.1981), cert. denied, 456 U.S. 905, 102 S.Ct. 1750, 72 L.Ed.2d 161 (1982).
Here, Prantil's unsupported assertion is the only indication that Goins would have presented exculpatory testimony had he been granted immunity. The record contains overwhelming evidence that Prantil was not an unwitting accomplice in the crime, much of which would not be controverted by Goins' testimony even if that testimony is as Prantil contends it would be. For example, Prantil knew that the woman who deposited the check in his account did not match the description of the woman whose name appeared on the check. On these facts, we hold that Prantil was not deprived of a fair trial. If Prantil was denied a fair trial in this case, trial courts would be required to grant immunity simply on the basis of unsupported allegations by criminal defendants that immunity is required by due process.
Moreover, Prantil has made no showing that any misconduct on the part of the prosecutor caused Goins to invoke his privilege against self-incrimination. See United States v. Lord, 711 F.2d 887, 890-92 (9th Cir.1983).
Prantil contends he was denied due process because of a twenty-month delay between the date of the alleged crime and the date of the indictment.
A pre-indictment delay, unlike a delay in bringing a charged defendant to trial, is "tested by general proscriptions of due process."4 Arnold v. McCarthy, 566 F.2d 1377, 1381 (9th Cir.1978). A pre-indictment delay does not justify habeas relief unless the defendant can show actual prejudice. Id. at 1382. To prove actual prejudice a defendant must give more than "mere assertions that ... witnesses' memories may have faded with the passage of time...." United States v. Horowitz, 756 F.2d 1400, 1405 (9th Cir.1985), cert. denied, 474 U.S. 822, 106 S.Ct. 74, 88 L.Ed.2d 60 (1985).
Prantil contends that he suffered actual prejudice because the bank teller could no longer remember the details of the escrow check transaction. However, the state court of appeals found that the delay did not affect the teller's memory. In addition, the court noted that Prantil was benefited by the teller's unresponsiveness to certain questions; therefore there was no prejudice.
Prantil also claims that a seven-month delay between the time he filed his habeas petition and the time the district court dismissed the action violated his right to due process.5
In Carter v. Thomas, 527 F.2d 1332 (5th Cir.1976), the Fifth Circuit held that a district court's procedure for handling habeas petitions which routinely resulted in delays of up to twenty months violated due process. However, in Satterlee v. Kritzman, 626 F.2d 682, 683 (9th Cir.1980), we held that a district court's clerical error which resulted in an eight-month delay between the dismissal of a prisoner's habeas petition and the time his files were forwarded to the court of appeals did not deprive the petitioner of any substantive rights. As in Satterlee, here there is no policy of discrimination and no showing that the delay was purposeful.
We conclude that the district court properly dismissed Prantil's petition for a writ of habeas corpus.
* The panel finds this case appropriate for submission without oral argument pursuant to Ninth Circuit Rule 34-4 and Fed.R.App.P. 34(a)
1 Because Prantil's direct appeal presented the same constitutional claims as his subsequent habeas petition, it is unnecessary for him to have filed for state habeas relief. Turner v. Compoy, 827 F.2d 526, 528 (9th Cir.1987)
2 Prantil was released from prison on April 20, 1987. However, because a felony conviction may cause a defendant to suffer adverse collateral consequences even after he has served his sentence, a defendant's release from custody prior to the completion of his federal habeas corpus proceedings will not render his petition moot. Carafas v. LaVallee, 391 U.S. 234, 237-38, 88 S.Ct. 1556, 1559, 20 L.Ed.2d 554 (1968). Prantil was in custody when he filed the petition in district court, so this court retains jurisdiction over the proceedings after he is released. Id
3 Under California law, a person is guilty of forgery if he passes or attempts to pass as true and genuine a forged instrument with knowledge of the forgery and with the specific intent to defraud. Cal. Penal Code Sec. 470; People v. Hellman, 189 Cal.App.2d 777, 778-79, 11 Cal.Rptr. 433 (1961). The only element Prantil challenges as lacking sufficient evidence is the true and genuine requirement
4 Once a suspect is indicted, the more stringent requirements of the speedy trial right apply. Arnold v. McCarthy, 566 F.2d 1377, 1382 (9th Cir.1978)
5 Prantil first raised the issue in his brief to this court. Ordinarily, this court will not decide an issue which was not raised at the District Court. Bolker v. C.I.R., 760 F.2d 1039, 1042 (9th Cir.1985). The court may decide an issue for the first time on appeal, however, where review is necessary to prevent a miscarriage of justice or to preserve the integrity of the judicial process. Id. Because a claim that a district court violated a party's due process rights questions the integrity of the federal judicial system, we review Prantil's claim despite his failure to raise it below

( Why are Jim Morgan and Jan Windglows posting this information on Mary Prantil?  In order to defend our good names, our reputation and our innocent business against cyber and land criminal Mary Prantil because of Mary Prantil's continued stalking, harrassment, and her attempts to cause us and our innocent business damage, we have every right to stand up against Mary Prantil because of Mary Prantil's many crimes she has committed and continues to commit against us.)

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